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Meet The Pastor

Rev. Sheila Hubbard

The Rev Sheila Hubbard was born and raised on the West Side of Chicago. She was married to the late

Robert Hubbard for over 40 years. To this union, three children were born. Hubbard’s commitment to the

sanctity of marriage has provided her with the expertise to counsel young married couples. Her views

regarding acceptance of the character of others, weighing the pros and cons of marriage and her understanding

of love in general has restored many households. As a result, many seek her guidance in this realm.

Rev Hubbard is considered to many to be a community activist. Her understanding of the political world and

how it applies to the community is appreciated by many. She has been able to share this knowledge with

others, assisting them in making informed decisions. She has demonstrated the ability to influence politicians

to provide necessary services in her own community as she served as Block Club president.

Most of her life, Rev Hubbard has been an entrepreneur. She has knowledge in many areas. She is the founder of Shero Entertainment which is a catering

business. In addition, she has founded Paradise 360, an organization which helps ex-offenders return to the work force and become productive members of

society. Rev Hubbard has trained many in the art of food service management in her position in an organization called “Eyes on Austin”. She is often sought

out for legal advice in many areas.

Rev Hubbard has explored many arenas. As a contractor, she has renovated many properties on both the South and West Side of Chicago. In addition, she has

referred many who felt that obtaining a mortgage was impossible to agencies that could help them. In this area, Rev Hubbard has provided jobs to many in the

community who could not obtain jobs in the traditional manner. Many have been trained in field of rehab under her care.

As a humanitarian, Rev Hubbard is always willing to lend a hand. This includes giving of her personal resources to anyone in need. She sees every person as a

“child of God” and therefore entitled to compassion and generosity. In addition, Rev Hubbard has adopted and caters to women shelters, cancer support groups

and any organization that is in need. She is always willing to lend a hand. She supports individuals who are ill or just need an encouraging word, numerous

churches, businesses and humanitarian organization.

Rev Hubbard is currently the Pastor of the Temple of Spiritual Truth. As the former pastor made a decision to retire, she looked for a person who was

committed to God’s work and understood the business world. She knew that Rev Hubbard was that person as her life was a demonstration. She also serves on the Board of Directors for It Takes a Village Early Learning Centers. In this role, she assists in overseeing federal grants, program planning, as well as the roles and responsibilities of the executive director.